It’s really important that DBS Checks are in place for those advertising for childcare positions and those looking for work in childcare, in order to ensure safety in the work place.

If you’re looking for childcare work across England, it is mandatory to have an Enhanced DBS check (which used to be called a CRB check).

What this does is check your criminal record with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Once the check comes back and is clean, you’ll have a certificate that you can present to your employer to demonstrate you are safe and suitable to work in the childcare sector.

The different DBS check options are:

  • Basic DBS check: This covers any type of work with vulnerable people, and it covers convictions and cautions that are unspent.
  • Standard DBS check: This covers an extra level of convictions or cautions (that are unspent), and involves working in secure places such as prisons.
  • Enhanced check: This is the one usually used when in charge of solely looking after children, or caring for them. It includes all of the previous checks, as well as a special police check. This would be suitable if you were caring for a disabled child in their home, for example.
  • Enhanced check with a barred list check: This covers off the checks above but involves regulated activity. So for example if you were looking to adopt a child, you would need this type of check.


If you are looking after children in your home, or in someone else’s home, then any adults that live there or will be around during childcare hours will also need to be vetted by an Enhanced DBS check.

This is important, in order to make sure everyone who comes into contact with children has been screened for any criminal convictions.

That means even if you’re a cleaner at a childcare home or a builder working in a school, you’d still need an Enhanced DBS Check.