When you trust someone to take care of your child while you are away, conducting a background check that confirms whether or not they have been previously involved in adulteries is indispensable. Because children depend on another person to fulfill their needs, they are categorised under the vulnerable group and anyone taking up the role to look after them requires an Enhanced DBS check.

Process of acquiring an enhanced DBS check for a nanny

The nanny is required to obtain a higher level of DBS check from any legally approved childcare organization including a nanny agency. However, neither the parents who are looking forward to employing the nanny cannot procure the DBS check online on their behalf, nor can the nannies directly apply for the role.

The process of getting the certificate is incredibly simple; the online application form for the enhanced DBS check will first get verified by the childcare organization you work for and the rest of the steps will follow. Although the amount of time consumed to issue the certificate varies but, it is generally between 5-10 working days, given all the details inscribed are completely authentic. Right after you receive the certificate, it can be handed over to the agency that has parents waiting to employ nannies for their children.

Is it illegal to work as a nanny without an enhanced DBS check?

If the DBS check results exhibit that you have been previously forbidden to work with children, continuing to serve the children would be illegal. Additionally, when somebody is listed on the barred catalog, then it would also be illegal for someone to employ the nanny to work with children regardless of the latter’s age or capacity.