In 2020, having an Enhanced DBS Check for anyone involved in the childcare sector is exceedingly crucial. Because this job requires the employee to work directly with the children and influence a generous fraction of their lives, Ofsted has qualified DBS checks as a necessity. An enhanced DBS check for nursery staff helps in assessing the level of individual sustainability in the role they have been assigned and the security and wellbeing of the tiny tots. These checks are essentially rolled out by the Disclosure and Barring service.

What do an enhanced DBS check for nursery managers and other staff reveal?

The chief objective of an enhanced DBS check is to report the spent and unspent convictions of the potential employee, if any, and the cautions, reprimands and warnings in then individual’s record.

What is the process of obtaining DBS checks for nursery staff?

Complying with the norms of enhanced DBS checks is incredibly easy when you choose the right company to work with. The individual who is trying to secure the role of nursery staff should first fill up an application form online and get it verified by the employer their employer. After the results of the checks are revealed, they are sent to the recipient through e-mail. If the applicant efficaciously ticks of all the prerequisites of the DBS check then the certificate is handed out thereby, confirming that he/she can start working as a nursery staff. After receiving the certificate, it must be registered with the hiring agency as a nursery manager.

How long can it take to conduct the DBS checks for nursery staff?

Demarcating a fixed time frame to carry out the higher levels of DBS checks for nursery staff inexorably varies from one candidate to the other. Nonetheless, there are a few components that mold this window of time including their past record and if they have lived in different countries in the past years. Keeping all these asides, you can be certain about the fact that an enhanced DBS for a nursery staff will take a maximum of 8 weeks, although in most cases it is way less than that.