Taxi drivers in the UK need to apply for DBS checks to ensure safety for travelling passengers. However, it can be difficult to understand which type of DBS check is required and how to apply. We have provided information below that will help you with any uncertainty regarding DBS checks for taxi drivers.

If we look at the statistics. The UK government made some amendments to the Police Act 1997 in the year 2012. The new regulations made all PHV drivers and taxi drivers eligible for undergoing an Enhanced DBS check.

All these changes in the regulations are important to ensure safe and risk-free travel experience for passengers. Before this amendment, Enhanced checks were important for taxi drivers who used to transport vulnerable adults and children on a regular basis.

Applying for DBS Checks: Eligibility Criteria for Taxi Drivers

Applicants for PHV and taxi licenses need to apply for Enhanced DBS checks, including children and adult barred lists. As per regulations, this is the highest level of check available for taxi drivers.

In order to apply for these checks, the candidate must be engaged in regulated activities. But it is also important to mention that candidates that are not dealing with regulated activity are also eligible to apply for barred list checks.

DBS Check for Taxi Drivers transporting children:

If the PHV driver or taxi driver is transporting children as a normal part of their work, it would not be considered a regulated activity. The driver will be considered engaged in the regulated activity only if he has signed a contract or agreement with a third party stating that he will be driving children for more than three days each month.

One of the best examples is a taxi driver working as per a contract for a school to transport children every day. In this case, the school act as a third-party organization, and they are responsible for applying for the DBS checks of the driver.

However, in the event a parent hires a taxi driver privately just to transport their child to and from school, the driver is not considered to be engaged in the regulated activity. It will be considered as a normal part of their driving work.

It is better to check all criteria in advance to know about the eligibility and application process. The third-party employer needs to submit an application for the DBS check requirements of the employee and the type of check will be decided on the basis of work in which the driver is involved in on a routine basis.