Enhanced DBS checks are mandatory in the care sector. Individuals planning to work in a care home will require an Enhanced DBS check. Enhanced DBS checks are designed for those planning to work in a support or care role for vulnerable adults or children, making it essential for the care sector. There is no way of working in a care home without a DBS check, as it requires regular contact with elderly individuals.

A background check for carers is an Enhanced DBS check which reveals the following:

Spent or unspent convictions: Those are convictions which have either been removed from a criminal record or exist in records because they have not been reached to particular decisions.

Warnings: Some sets of warnings issued if you move against a certain set of regulations designed by law.

Cautions: Make sure to take protective measures regarding your criminal background before you apply for DBS check for care work.

Reprimands: It is an act of guilt issued to the person with criminal records. Any other police history deemed relevant by the Disclosure and Barring Service Commission.

Enhanced DBS Check: An employer has the advantage to check whether the applicant is on any secured list for adults, this is only if the employee is working as a carer for any vulnerable adults. This case i

Application Procedure for a Care Worker Online DBS Check: To apply for an Enhanced DBS check as a care worker you will needs to fill out our simple online application form. Once the application form has been submitted you will receive an e-mail requesting two pieces of identification which requires one piece of identification with photo identification and one proof of address. Once all the details have been submitted, the check itself will take approximately 5 to 10 working days for the result to come back. The certificate will be sent directly to the candidates home address who applied for Enhanced Dbs Check.

According to one of the reports by Care Quality Commission (CQC) marked significant variations in the standard of safety in care homes across the areas of UK, with one in four care homes being declared unsafe, which is an alarming statistic showing the importance of a DBS Check.

All health and social care providers registered with CQC are responsible for checking their staff and ensuring they carry out DBS checks on all staff or volunteers working within the care home.