An Enhanced DBS Check is the highest level of DBS Check. This DBS Check allows you to make safer recruitment decisions to identify whether a candidate is suitable for a specific role within your workplace. An Enhanced DBS Check provides a wide access to criminal record information so that you can ensure you are making a full in depth check for individuals before they begin employment.

Criteria for executing Enhanced DBS checks:

This is the highest level of check to know the specific criminal background of an individual. The applications for such types of checks can be made by the recruiters or hiring companies only. Employers need to be aware of which type of job requires an Enhanced DBS check so that they can ensure that they are processing the correct DBS Check for the candidate.

In most cases, these checks are important for jobs that involve dealing with vulnerable adults and children. People that are willing to work in hospitals, schools, nurseries and care homes are often required to undergo such checks.

Information Included Basic Standard Enhanced
Unspent Criminal Convictions
Spent Criminal Convictions
Inclusion on the Children’s Barred List
Inclusion on the Adults’s Barred List
Inclusion on List 99-Section 142 Education Act 2002
Other Relevant Information Held By Local Police Forces (Soft Intelligence Forces Disclosed at Chief Police Officer’s Discretion)

What information is obtained through Enhanced DBS checks?

The main aim of an Enhanced DBS check is to know whether the candidate is suitable for a particular job or not. It collects relevant information from local police officials to make sure that the person has a clear criminal background and can handle specific job tasks with responsibility. Police intelligence reports provide information about any violence made by the person in previous employment. These checks also provide details about the barred list of children and vulnerable adults so that one can hire the most eligible person for the specific job type.

How do I obtain an Enhanced DBS Check?

To obtain an Enhanced DBS Check you will need to fill out our 5 minute online application form.

How long does the process take?

Due to the comprehensive checking done on an Enhanced Check they can take longer in certain circumstances.

Here is the Enhanced Check process:
Stage 1. Application Received
Stage 2. Police National Computer Search
Stage 3. Child & Adult Barring List & List 99 Search where applicable
Stage 4. Additional Police Checks
Stage 5. Certificate Issued/Dispatched

At present 85% of enhanced disclosures are returned within 10 working days but can take up to 30 working days . This date commences from the date you have submitted all relevant information to us