Getting the right check to work with vulnerable adults such as the elderly, or children is really important, because it protects both you and them in the eyes of UK law.

If you’re looking to get a job in a school, a care home, a hospital, a nursing home or similar, you’ll need to have a DBS check.

So why do you need the right check?

It’s important to have the right check because employers will use it to see if you’re a good fit for a particular role. It’s also a legal obligation across England.

When you are DBS checked, you’ll feel confident to be responsible for vulnerable people, and they will feel safe around you, knowing you have been checked for any spent or unspent criminal convictions.

The right check will be used depending on the role the individual is looking to work in. Some roles require already holding a DBS check as a prerequisite when you first enter the profession, such as vets, accountants and solicitors.

If an individual a criminal history, it’s important that any prospective employers know this well before you come into contact with vulnerable members of society. This is what is known in England as safeguarding.

If you as the employer are unsure which DBS Check is sufficient for your staff you can contact us for more information. We will advise you on whether you need to conduct a basic DBS check, a standard DBS check, an Enhanced DBS check, or an Enhanced check with barring.

  • Basic DBS check: This covers any type of work with vulnerable people, and it covers convictions and cautions that are unspent.
  • Standard DBS check: This covers an extra level of convictions or cautions (that are unspent), and involves working in secure places such as prisons.
  • Enhanced check: This includes all of the previous checks, as well as a special police check.
  • Enhanced check with a barred list check: This covers off the checks above but involves regulated activity to check if the person has ever been barred from working in certain institutions.

Employers have a legal responsibility to make sure they are up to date with legislation and that all of their employees have the right checks for the right roles that they are in. The DBS certificates that they obtain will be sent to the employee, and they should also keep a copy for their own records.